Drink Smoothies to Lose Weight

We’ve read that calorie suppression and food fads haven’t served us very well–plus we’ve experienced it personally.

But we swear that THIS time, we’re going to be the exception to the rule.

We’ll triumph over the statistics. (You know, those stats that we later regain every pound–and then some–the inevitable consequence of counting, and deprivation–in a world where any food you want is quickly and easily obtained.)

What if you could achieve the same weight-loss effects WITHOUT counting calories, or grams of protein…..and achieve dozens of other health benefits at the same time?

What if you could massively decrease inflammation, what if your joints didn’t hurt any more, in just days?

What if you could heal your digestion…clear brain fog…lift the clouds of anxiety or depression, to get your high vibe back… and love the skin you’re in!

And what if you could do the absolute BEST thing for supporting your immune system, at a time when you really need to support it?

No, I’m NOT talking about a diet.

I’m talking about DETOXING. But not any detox. A comprehensive, guided, whole-body, science-based detox program.

Robyn Openshaw, “GreenSmoothieGirl”, has studied human detoxification with the best holistic doctors, on 4 different continents, for 26 years. And she’s helped almost 20,000 people through the process, and has seen people achieve some seriously incredible results. 

What kind of results? 10 benefits you might expect from a significant detox, rather than planning another diet. This is what participants of her detox program said happened for them:

  1. Average 12.5-pound weight loss (some as high as 27 pounds!)
  2. Higher ENERGY, all day
  3. Joint pain disappearing
  4. Better digestion (MORE coming out, which is good)
  5. Disappearing autoimmune symptoms
  6. Food cravings gone
  7. Mood stabilizing (calming anxiety and depression)
  8. Skin clearing
  9. Blood sugar stabilizing
  10. Brain fog clearing, mind is sharp again

With so many “detox” programs and products out there, detoxification is losing its meaning. But, when it’s done the right way, detoxification could be the missing link to finally releasing those extra pounds … and improving your health.

Because, even if you think you eat and live healthy, your body might be holding on to toxins that are preventing you from achieving your health goals.

(Toxins are EVERYWHERE in our world today, and our bodies simply can’t keep up. They weren’t made to deal with this level of toxicity, non-stop.)

What’s your next step? I’m excited to invite you to Robyn Openshaw’s eye-opening Detox Secrets Mini Masterclass, which is going on now.

  • detoxing is a hoax? Join my friend, detox pro Robyn Openshaw, for a FREE Video Masterclass on why detoxing fast-tracks your physical and emotional healing! https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/detoxsecrets/a1986/Facebook

  • Ready to get healthier, after the holidays? DETOXING releases fat stores from the important job they do for you! Learn how, and why….in this Detox Video Masterclass. (Dieting doesn’t work, and there’s a better way to ideal weight.) https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/detoxsecrets/a1986/Facebook
  • Ever considered doing a whole-body detox? It can change your life!
  • My good friend Robyn Openshaw @TheGreenSmoothieGirl has a 26-Day Detox that will not only help you get to your healthiest weight ever, it will methodically cleanse your colon, liver, kidneys, gallbladder, lymphatic system and blood. Just 26 days will leave you feeling amazing and looking your best.
  • To learn more, press the link in my profile bio to sign up for her FREE Detox Masterclass, to learn how to detoxify easily and safely and to learn what’s easy and fun about detoxing, and what’s hard! I really can’t recommend her detox method highly enough 🙂
  • Option 2
  • My friend Robyn Openshaw @TheGreenSmoothieGirl has spent over 20 years researching about the benefits of detoxing–and how to support your body during the process.
  • Learn how you can restore your health through a detox – press the link in my profile bio to sign up for her free Detox Masterclass first, to see if cleansing your liver, gallbladder, colon, lymphatic system, and kidneys could be really helpful for you.
  • Extra pounds? Brain fog? Memory loss? Joint Pain? Learn how to DETOX, in our FREE Video Masterclass. https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/detoxsecrets/a1986/Twitter

Blog Post: Is Detoxing for You? Link:https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/detoxsecrets/a1986/

Emotional Benefits for a Physical Detox

If you join Robyn in this Video Masterclass, don’t miss her inspiring video, how releasing many years’ of toxic material, can lead to far more than physical healing.

She explains in this special video, a bonus for those who have watched the first three videos, exactly why emotional energies are trapped in undigested proteins that build up in those eating the Standard American Diet.

Grab your seat, while Robyn has made this amazing 4-video course available to you for free.

You’re going to learn so much that you’ve never likely understood, before, about how to love your liver, and give it a rest twice a year. And how this will benefit your health and mood, in well over 500 different ways.

Heal Inflammation
video link: https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/12stepsinflammation/a1986/

Heal Your Gut
video link: https://bd272.isrefer.com/go/12stepsheal/a1986/

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